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Our Team

We began working together several years ago with a shared interest in using research to understand how to better support young people experiencing homelessness through peer support.

We are a participatory action research team composed of community-based researchers who worked with young people experiencing homelessness through the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless (including peer support specialists, a peer supervisor and a peer program administrator) as well as university-based researchers from the University of Denver Graduate School of Social Work who conduct research on the needs and resiliencies of young people experiencing homelessness.

James Erangey (James in place of pronouns)

Meredith Mollica (she/her)

Tara Milligan (she/her)

Thomas Lucas (he/him)

Kimberly Bender (she/her)

Danielle Maude Littman (she/her)

Rebecca Berry (she/her)

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